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Cubefield Full Screen

Cube-fieldCubefield Full Screen is a simple but extreme game that gives high levels of pleasure and training to the brain. Cube Field Full Screen game offers maximum enjoyment to the player at the same time allowing the player to train concentration, fast reaction and visual perception. As the game name goes, it is best played in Full Screen for free at our Official website. There are only two controls. They are the left and right arrow keys. Use these arrow keys to guide your ship and dodge all the cubed shaped barriers. When your ship is moving at a very fast speed, you need to concentrate on the arrow keys so that you can dodge very quickly or else, the ship will crash into the barriers and the game would be over. The objective of Cubefield Full Screen is to maneuver past the cubes in the field by moving right or left using arrow keys. At the onset of the game, you are a triangular shape. Make sure you make it through the maze of cubes and get to the end of each level. As you advance in the different levels of the game, the experience becomes more exhilarating as the pace and speed increases. I have to admit that on first impression, the game seems easy but as the cubes start rushing past, the adrenalin starts pumping and you realize how much of a challenge it is even to get to the end of the first level. Cubefield Full Screen is a strategy game that will horn your concentration and reaction abilities to ensure that you can think fast and smart. Remember that the objective of the game is to get as many points as possible and reach the finish line with your ship intact. As you continue to advance through the game, your screen background changes from white to greenish, do not allow this to distract you. Moreso, as you go further, the cubes continue to move faster and you have to dodge every second so as to get to the finish line.

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